About Us

Who are we?

We are a Branch of Ontario Ancestors. But we are somewhat different from many of the traditional branches of The Ontario Genealogical Society in that, right now, under the direction of the Society Office, we operate in space – in a virtual world.

How did we get here?

Like many other local historical non-profit organizations, we found it difficult to find sufficient volunteers to take on leadership roles to replace some of the long-serving individuals who had played key roles in establishing and growing the branches. Many of our members had deep roots in Haldimand or Norfolk or both of these counties; however, they lived at a distance and, while they had a strong interest in the Branch, there were few opportunities for them to contribute to the operation of the branches. As a result, both branches became inactive. The interest in genealogy and the demand for information has not diminished.

Our immediate goal is to renew interest in the branches and, through an online presence, to provide new opportunities for engagement in pursuing family history and genealogy in our two counties. Whether this will lead to the re-establishment of a traditional branch with a physical presence will be dependent on the success of the virtual branch and the needs of our members.

Our aim: to become the focal point for the advancement and preservation of genealogy and family history in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties.

Our activities will include:

  • support for the mandate of Ontario Ancestors in bringing together people interested in family history and preserving Ontario’s genealogical history while promoting and preserving family history and genealogy in Norfolk and Haldimand Counties;
  • educating our members and the general public on genealogical resources available, research methodology, and problem-solving skills and techniques as well as the history of the counties and the families who lived there;
  • facilitating family history research by identifying resources for those searching for ancestors in Haldimand and Norfolk and elsewhere;
  • provide a forum for individuals and groups to connect to share knowledge and experiences in family history research;
  • increase awareness of the latest software and other products, news, and educational opportunities through support for local genealogical and historical events, the Ontario Ancestors Annual Conference, and webinars.